Reversible Laminate Tops

Reversible Laminate Tops for Added Table Functionality

Are you planning the interior design of your venue but can’t come up with the right color for the table? Consider reversible laminate tops. They give you an opportunity to choose between two colors. If you build your own table, you can come up with different matching variations using the tops from our catalog. We offer various shapes and sizes to suit your setting. All our restaurant table tops are made of a high-quality laminate. Designing your own set of tables is easy when you can take advantage of our laminate table tops. Choosing to double the color gives you a variety of options. You can change the setting of your restaurant in a flash by flipping the table top.   Our table tops come in the following color pairs:  

  All the reversible top colors match each other. So whether you need two pairs for your venue or can settle for just one of them, we have all the options in our catalog.  

Why Buy Our Laminate Table Tops?

The perfect table starts with the base and ends with a table top. While the base is a practical part, the top allows your imagination to run wild. We help you make a choice by offering the most convenient options. The ability of our tops to switch sides comes as a bonus.  

  We are glad to offer you a big choice of restaurant table tops for your venue. If you need assistance choosing the ideal table parts for your needs, we are always ready to give you advice. Give us a call at 888-900-7384.