Bases and Columns

A Wide Choice of Restaurant Table Bases

Any table needs something to stand on. Commercial table bases come in many shapes and sizes. While it seems that table legs are not as important as other décor details, the right columns and bases can make a big difference in the big picture.   We offer table bases wholesale to help you save as much as possible on the highest quality products. By browsing our catalog, you can find the table accessories to suit the décor of your venue. Our table columns vary from short (standard height) to tall (bar height). The bases come in round, T and X shapes depending on the space you can provide for the furniture.  

These bases are popular due to their stability and convenience. Unlike other types, they provide the most space for the chairs. If space is limited, these bases allow pushing the chairs farther under the table.  

They have even more space-saving properties than their X-shaped counterparts. However, they provide slightly less stability. These stands are not suitable for large and heavy tables. They are great for compact bar tables.  

The round bases provide high stability. They are the most popular bar and restaurant table bases. The stands should be used with round tops because it improves the stability as well as aesthetics of the table.  

Why Choose Our Commercial Table Bases

When browsing the numerous options online, consider our column and basis because: We offer the most popular column and base types:  

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