Restaurant Table Sets

At Wholesale Bar Stool Club, you can purchase various restaurant table and chair sets. We are sure that you will find the type of sets that will perfectly suit your restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or any cafeteria setting. In our assortment, there are standard and bar types of furniture sets. They are durable, easy-to-clean, and comfortable. The sets are available in several colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Our well-designed furniture items will fit into any interior and décor. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed exceptional quality, expert customer support, and affordable prices.

Regular height restaurant table sets

If you plan to open a restaurant or a café, you will definitely need regular height table sets. In our assortment, there are sets with round and rectangular tables that have laminate tops. The table tops come in walnut, mahogany, black, and light brown colors. The chairs are made from a lightweight designer or heavy-duty metal and high-quality vinyl or wood. Vinyl seats are available in black and burgundy colors. The choice of a furniture set will depend on your needs, interior design, and type of venue. For instance, a set consisting of a round black table and burgundy vinyl seats can be an ideal option for banquet halls, hotel conference rooms, restaurants, break rooms, and cafeteria settings. A complete banquet table and chair set that has a heavy-duty construction is a great choice for big venues. Opt for this set if you look for durable and long-lasting options, or if you need to accommodate a lot of people both indoor or outdoor. Browse our catalog to see what we have in store. We are sure you will find something to your liking.

Bar table sets

Have a look at our vast selection of bar table sets. Our online store offers high metal chairs and tables that can suit any type bar, pub, or a bar setting in a hotel or home. This furniture is perfect for creating a cozy dining nook. Paired with coordinating chairs, our small tables will also be ideal for anyone living in small spaces. High-quality, durable and resistant to fading materials allow using our furniture sets for outdoor dining needs too.

How to choose restaurant table sets?

Choosing the right restaurant furniture sets can be a challenging task, but if you keep in mind a few important aspects, you will easily cope with it. So, before making a final decision, consider the type of people you are going to cater, space available, and the clearance you will need for staff to navigate around. Also, make sure the chairs and tables are comfortable and made from quality materials. We bet you don’t want your furniture to get out of order quickly. Think of the design and style of your venue. Make sure your furniture color matches the décor of your dining place. The overall décor will influence the furnishings and restaurant’s ambiance. Finally, consider your budget and make sure you don’t go beyond it.