Tips to select durable restaurant furniture!

Posted by WBC on 28th Nov 2016

Opening a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing place, selection of new furniture items can be a challenging and costly task for you. Although it is good to focus on the affordability, you shouldn’t forget the importance of durability of the items if you expect the best value for the money you spend. Practically, it is not going to create a friendly impact on your business’s budget if you have to change your restaurant furniture every year. Here are some tips for you to select durable restaurant furniture.

Don’t hesitate to ask from the seller about the lifespan of the furniture

A reliable furniture supplier will always be more than happy to emphasize the lifespan of their products. The supplier will be always available to answer any questions asked by the clients. The type of wood used, the treatment provided, the expected lifespan, warranty, the thickness of the cross sections etc. are some of the questions you must ask from the supplier.

Check for the warranty period

No matter how longer the lifespan of the furniture, buying restaurant furniture without a warranty is a risky approach. Therefore, be sure that you get a buyers warranty from the manufacturer. In fact, a reliable and reputed vendor will provide a 2-year warranty period at the least.

See if the furniture have undergone compliance test

You should check if the furniture items you are about to purchase have undergone any compliance tests. If the products are manufactured to be compatible with recognized industry standards, it is a guarantee of longer lifespan. Be sure to ask the vendor about these tests.

Rely on pre-assembled restaurant furniture

If you opt to buy furniture items that don’t come fully assembled, you will have to waste a significant amount of time assembling them. In fact, such furniture items are not made for commercial use. You should look for properly assembled furniture that come glued and screwed sturdily. However, items like barstool seats (that don’t have a real impact on the stability of the furniture) may come separately. Such approach will assist you to save some money when it comes to shipping.

Inquire about the manufacturing details

Surprisingly, some of the restaurant furniture sellers are not aware about how the items are manufactured and what sort of materials used. It is better if you can find a seller who is also the manufacturer. If a particular seller cannot provide appropriate and definite information about the products they sell, you should probably look for an alternative. Apart from that, you must see if the vendor is specializes in commercial furniture items other than being a regular seller.

Find a link to the supplier’s website and read what previous customers say about the products. A reliable restaurant furniture supplier should be more than happy to provide the links to customer testimonials. Make sure that you get a buyers warranty in written form other than relying on a verbal confirmation.