Take good care of bar stools and make them last longer!

Posted by WBC on 21st Nov 2016

It is not a very pleasant experience to replace existing furniture frequently. Therefore, people look for every possible way to make what they’ve purchased last longer. No matter if you purchase furniture items for home or business place, it is important to have a general idea about taking care of the bar stools. In fact, a good maintenance routine may extend the lifespan of the furniture items significantly.

We all know how beautiful and versatile the bar stools. They provide a great alternative to conventional seating options. They are capable of adding a great vibe and modern appearance to any interior. In most of the cases, these seating arrangements including chrome bar stools are recognized to be an affordable option than the other chairs. Mentioned below are some of the important maintenance tips for you to consider.

Wooden bar stools

Wood is a very popular material used to manufacture top quality bar stools. It doesn’t need too much of effort to take care wood; it is a simple process. One of the most important things you should consider when taking care wooden stools is that you have to keep them away from harsh, direct sunlight as much as possible. When wooden furniture items are exposed to direct sunlight constantly, the material may warp, fade and depreciate. In that case, within a very short period, the value of the product you purchased may decreased by a significant margin.

Regular cleaning and dusting the wooden stools is another compulsory aspect. When dust and oil clog on the surface and the corners of the items, it will ruin the appearance and eventually shorten the lifespan. If you can apply a good quality polish on the wood, you can extend the lifespan even further.

Chrome bar stools

Chrome bar stools are becoming popular at a rapid speed as an alternative to conventional wooden stools. Generally, chrome bar stools are considered to be a highly versatile seating option as they can be used on both indoors and outdoors alike.

However, if you expect to extend the lifespan of the chrome bar stools you purchase, you should take a good care of them. Don’t use any abrasive or too strong agents to clean the surface; they are capable of damaging the surface. If, by any chance, you find stubborn stains on the surface, you may use hot water with some soap. At the end of the cleaning process, it is very important to make the surface completely dry to prevent potential rusting on chrome bar stools.

Leather bar stools

In modern world, there is a huge demand for bar stools that are upholstered with leather. In general, leather products come with special set of instructions. Most of the time, manufactures recommend specific cleaning agents to be used on these materials. If you don’t find such instructions with the leather material, make sure that you speak to the vendor and get to know the cleaning instructions. Leather doesn’t require huge amounts of cleaning solution; a small dab with a piece of cloth on the leather will do the trick.