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Purchasing The Right Wholesale Restaurant Furniture

Posted by WBC on

Wholesale Restaurant Furniture

When you buy furniture wholesale it means to purchase it in bulk. In doing so you are able to save money on the purchase. This is usually done by people that intend to sell the items singly so that they can make a profit such as a furniture store or outlet. It can also be used as a way to furnish your restaurant rather than paying store prices for a smaller amount of furniture. There are many different types of wholesale restaurant furniture available and the type chosen will depend on the type of establishment, location and look you are going for. Below are examples of different types of wholesale furniture that may suit different types of restaurant.

Retro American Diner Furniture

Diner furniture tends to be bolder than your average eatery and is usually based on the 1950’s style. The bold stripe down the centre of diner seats in commonplace as is the chrome finish on the chairs and table legs. Gas lift stools with leather or leatherette upholstery are extremely popular and give the look that people expect from a 1950’s diner. It’s not all about the food, the experience of being able to step back in time has just as much appeal and the retro American diner wholesale restaurant furniture plays a big part in this.

Country House/Pub Restaurant Furniture

Country Bar Stools

Country house furniture is usually bought to give a homely, warm look to a restaurant. If there are areas where you need to wait to be seated, soft furnishings in muted colors are usually chosen to set the scene. For the dining areas, hardwood chairs (not metal) are usually provided and carved wood seating is popular too. To set off the scene there are usually cushions or seat covers for the comfort of diners. The tables are also made of a traditional wood with decorative legs rather than metal which is seen as a more modern approach to furniture.

Fast Food Eateries Furniture

Fast food eateries usually have a high traffic of people throughout the day, especially in comparison to other restaurants where people eat, relax and have a drink or two. It’s usually a place people visit during their lunch break or for a quick bite to eat rather than relax for a whole afternoon. For this reason, many fast food restaurants get wholesale restaurant furniture that is easy to clean, modern and bright. They usually consist of plastic seating with chrome legs. Bigger sofa style seats are usually provided to accommodate more people at the same table and there is usually less space needed in-between diners due to them rarely needing utensils.

There are so many different styles to choose from that whether you are looking for – traditional restaurant furniture where comfort is more important OR something more suited to a fast food restaurant where people tend to come and go quickly and can easily be cleaned in-between diners – there is something for you. By buying wholesale restaurant furniture you can make sure that everything matches and have spares if necessary so you don’t have to hunt down replacements later down the line. It’s also a cheaper way to get comfortable furniture that fits in with your décor for a lot less than buying in smaller batches.