Different Designs and Styles of Restaurant Furniture

Posted by WBC on 5th Apr 2017

There are several different designs and styles of restaurant furniture and depending on what your desired theme and atmosphere of your restaurant will tell you which will suite your needs best. Consider your patrons needs first and their comfort needs, the sizes of parties you will cater to, the layout and size of the venue and if they require elegance or family style dining.

The atmosphere of your restaurant will lend itself to the type of clientele you are catering to and what style and design elements are required to give your diners what they want in a dining experience. There are numerous options on the market today for restaurant furniture so choose according to your targeted demographics.

Dining Sets

There are round or square options in wood grains such as mahogany and walnut or black, white or any color laminate tops. Some of the tables have larger pedestal bases while some have smaller sleeker bases.

The chairs come in all styles and materials such as grid backed metal chairs with wood mahogany or cherry seats and ladder-backed chairs with vinyl padded seats. The vinyl padded seats come in a lot of different colors and with varying styles of backs.

High Tables and Bar Stool Sets

These higher tables on average have a circumference of twenty-four inches and the rectangular tables on average are twenty-four by forty-two inches. The tables use the durability and style of different laminated materials like wood grains in mahogany and cherry and can come in any color imaginable.

The barstools can come either padded vinyl in any color you choose or wooden seats like cherry or mahogany. The backs of the bar stools vary as well from ladder backed, slat backed, and vertical slat backed. The choice is up to you depending on your desired look and feel of the restaurant.

Outdoor Dining Sets

If you have an outdoor seating area for dining purposes, getting the more durable and weather resistant fabrics and styles will fit the bill. There are numerous options like the round aluminum outdoor table with black metal stacking chairs or the square aluminum table with four beige rattan chairs. The outdoor options are made from more durable and sturdy materials than their indoor counterparts of restaurant furniture.

With all the different designs and styles of restaurant furniture on the market today, your options are almost limitless. Choosing the restaurant furniture that will serve the needs of your customers in terms of comfort and style and will provide an atmosphere conducive to what your theme is, will make for a more hospitable dining experience.