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Bar stools: Yesterday and Today!

Barstool is a high stool with a cushioned seat with no back for a support; it usually has a footrest for supporting feet, but no arms. The height of these stools is ideal for bars, pubs and high table.Usually these stools are made of metal and wood. Barstools have a wide range; these can also [...]

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​How to Get Your Hands on the Cheapest Barstools?

Looking for cheap and best looking barstools for your newly established restaurant? There is a wide variety available in the market but it is your decision to make use of the best possible option available. Your restaurant requires your utmost attention when it comes to coming up with a perfect look for it. Whether you [...]

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​The Best Barstool for Your Kitchen

My kitchen has to be my second favorite place in the house after my bedroom. The happiness and comfort I always feel whenever working in my kitchen are beyond any explanation. Most of the work I do is on my kitchen island but until recently, I encountered a problem. The barstool I just bought out [...]

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​The Best Furnishing Tips for Your Restaurant

The Best Furnishing Tips for Your RestaurantPlanning to step into the restaurant industry? Well, you have definitely made the right choice for yourself as this business is quite flourishing these days but, do you really know the tactics to attract more customers to a restaurant that has just been established? If not, let me help [...]

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What You Need to Know About Purchasing Wholesale Cafe Furniture for Your Cafe

The Cafe Business Whether you are only now starting in the cafe-building business or have been involved in it for quite some time, a topic of consideration and serious contemplation that cannot be avoided is that of cafe furniture. Most people (not only those who need to uncover the best and most efficient option for furnishing [...]

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Purchasing The Right Wholesale Restaurant Furniture

Wholesale Restaurant Furniture When you buy furniture wholesale it means to purchase it in bulk. In doing so you are able to save money on the purchase. This is usually done by people that intend to sell the items singly so that they can make a profit such as a furniture store or outlet. It can [...]

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Are Ergonomic Stools Right For You?

Ergonomic stools are the hottest thingBefore talking about the ergonomic stools, let us explain what we mean by the word “ergonomic”. Ergonomic is a combination of two Greek words “ergon” + “nomoi”. “Ergon” means work and “nomoi” means natural laws. Thus, ergonomic defines the science of designing and optimizing the products in a way that [...]

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Selecting Stools for Your Bar or Restaurant

What do you look for when you go to buy the bar stools for your restaurant or bar? Do you prefer their design or quality? There are many factors that you need to consider while making purchase, especially when you are going to use them for longer periods of time. When selecting the stools for [...]

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Wholesale Bar Furniture vs. Custom Bar Furniture

Let’s face it, furnishing a bar can be expensive. You’ve got the bar, the lighting, the walls, the taps, and that doesn’t even cover where people are going to sit! To us, the only thing “craft” in a bar should be the beer. Without sturdy, commercial-grade stools, tables, and seating, your patrons may be coming [...]

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10 Unique Wholesale Stools to Spruce up Your Restaurant or Home

The slightest addition of some color can change the whole attitude of a room. A splash of red in a grey room will bring it to life. The subtle smell of leather at the bar can create a cool, sexy atmosphere. And a fun office chair can change your whole approach to going into your [...]

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