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by WBC on June, 4 2016


Barstool is a high stool with a cushioned seat with no back for a support; it usually has a footrest for supporting feet, but no arms. The height of these stools is ideal for bars, pubs and high table.

Usually these stools are made of metal and wood. Barstools have a wide range; these can also be customized and made to order. These can be purchased online easily these days. Customers can order with a wide range of material or fabric and options like footrests, height of the stool, arms, back etc. Normally the height of a barstool is 30 inches. The ones used at bars now-a-days are 36 inches in height, which are increasingly becoming popular. Various designs and styles of modern barstools are with high bar counters and tables’, these give an appealing look to the customer or user.

Aluminum stools are mostly used outdoors and wooden bar stools are normally used indoors in traditional bars and pubs. Restaurants are known for their ambience. Comfortable and attractive furniture is an essential to complete the look of the bar, pub or restaurant. There is also a wide variety of restaurant tables available. Tops, base and many other accessories are also available. Metal and wooden sturdy restaurant tables, with intricate designs are easily accessible. Customized orders option is also offered and is nothing difficult to find today.

We all know the use of barstools is not new. Wooden or metal barstools are in use from a long time. The early barstools were high stools with pillow seats which were not very comfortable to use. Few years’ later barstools were designed with contemporary designs and leather seats. The emergence of barstools titivated with velvet, silk and fretwork: which is an embellished design carved and laced with solid background, started becoming popular.

These contemporary barstools can be categorized in numerous features, a few being like the fabric/cloth or material, the design, type of design; the features of it and the place or area of usage.

Hence, the styles can be traditional or typical and modern. The classic type of barstools requires velvet, wood, dark tints and leather to give an up to date appearance. But if you name metals, brass and copper is used to plate the barstools. For an upscale, chic and expensive look for the barstools, crocodile leather cushioning and padding was launched.

The ultra-modern style of these barstools was named as “moderno” or “contemporaneo”, the soft style by the Italian designers. These vanguard style barstools are designed in walnut and cherry wood. But if you are on a budget, inexpensive and discounted barstools are easily offered online with deals and concessions or in wholesale. Want to shop low-priced barstools? Does not mean you have to buy cheap or low quality stuff. There is good range of restaurant tables, metal, wood and rustic barstools available to purchase. Remember, you can get a wide range of barstools from a low price on budget to the most expensive one with diversified features. Looking for barstools, restaurant tables and barstools? Have a look online, there is nothing you cannot get at a click of a mouse.

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